History Evolution

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school of Urban Construction and Safety Engineering was established in July, 2006 through merge of original Civil Construction Engineering Department and Environment and Energy Engineering Department. Established in 2000, Civil Construction Engineering Department was formerly known as Construction Engineering Department of Shanghai College of Metallurgy. It cultivated nearly 3000 college graduates of building construction engineering discipline for Shanghai and other provinces and autonomous regions during 16 years from its initial enrollment of students in 1985 to 2000. Its graduates are extensively distributed in various construction engineering departments and units in Shandong, Jiangxi, Sinkiang, Zhejiang and Jiangsu, which have won high praise from the society. In Autumn, 2000, the school initially enrolled full-time undergraduates of civil engineering by seizing the opportunity of “junior college students to undergraduates” following the establishment of Shanghai Institute of Technology. From then on, the school gradually developed a relatively complete pattern of civil engineering disciplines Environment and Energy Engineering Department is a newly established department following establishment of Shanghai Institute of Technology in 2000, which has Safety Engineering, Environment Engineering and Industrial Thermal Engineering and Computer affiliated to it.