Engineering Management









Wang Zhe (department head)

male,doctor (Tongji University), lecturer; 

main research directions: management of engineering projects, construction project investment and economy and urban development and management; 

main courses:Engineering Project Management, Engineering Economics and Management of Construction Enterprises; scientific research achievements: participated in and
accomplished key topics on decision-making consultation in Shanghai;participated in stipulation and publication of China Housing White Book;published numerous CSSCI theses.





Ke Xiangxi: female, Master of Management (Harbin Institute of Technology), lecturer, first-class architect; 

main research directions: management engineering projects, construction organization and management; 

main courses: Engineering Project Management and Construction Techniques and Organization.



Yan Jianfeng: male, Master of Economics (Zhongnan University of Economics and Law),lecturer, first-class architect; 

main research directions: engineering economics and real estate financing and investment; 

main courses: Engineering Economics, Engineering Contract
Management and Project Financing.