Chen Qingchang (deputy department head)

male,Doctor of Engineering (Tongji University), lecturer,
national certified architect;

main research directions: protection and renovation of historic relics in cities;
main courses: Architectural Design and so on; 

major achievements and honors:excellent doctorate thesis of Tongji University, First Prize of Young Teachers Teaching Contest of Shanghai Institute of Technology and so on.


Li Yuan: female, Doctor of Engineering (Tongji University), lecturer; 

main research directions: architectural design and theory; 

main courses: Basic Architectural Design, Architectural Presentation, Architectural CAD and Engineering Plotting and so on.




Li Jianbin: male, Doctor of Engineering (Tianjin
University), lecturer,national certified architect; 

main research directions: architectural design and theory and architectural education; 

main courses: Building Structure, Basic Architecture,
Architectural Design and so on.


Zhou zhuoyan:female, Doctor of Engineering (Tongji
University)lecturer,national certified architect

main research directions:Architecture and city space design, cultural heritage protection

main courses:Architectural design, professional English, architectural painting

Scientific research: in Italy project, science and technology cooperation between governments of Ministry of national science and Technology Expo "special subject of Expo Park and the Expo venue planning and design guide" and the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission high-tech era of World Expo based on"





Wang Yilei: male, Master of Engineering (Lanzhou Jiaotong University), lecturer, winner of Young University Teachers Cultivation & Assistance Plan in Shanghai in 2012;

main research directions: architectural design and
theory and urban planning and design; 

main courses: Building Construction, Architectural Design, Architectural Physics, Architectural Structure and so on.