Civil Engineering



Hu Dazhu (department head)

male, Doctor of Structural Engineering, Post Doctor of Mechanics (Tongji University), lecturer, member of Chinese Civil Engineering Society Protection Against and Mitigation of Engineering Technology Promotion Committee; 

main research directions: energy dissipation and shock absorption of building structures and seismic resistance of construction steel structure; 

main courses: Concrete Structure Design Principles, Basic Principles on Steel Structure and Design of Steel Structure;

major achievements and honors: participated in such scientific research topics as National Natural Science Funds and National Science and Technology Support Plan during “11th Five-Year Plan” period, structural analysis of key construction projects in Shanghai, such as Shanghai World Financial Center, Shanghai Expo Center and Shanghai Tower, 2010 Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Awards, he has been granted 1 patent for invention and 2 utility models, and has issued more than 20 academic theses.

Zhao Haidong: Doctor (Natural University of Singapore), lecturer, member of American Concrete Institute (ACI), national certified structural engineering, member of FRP Association of Singapore;

main research directions: study of fields associated with structural engineering and practice, repair and protection of historical buildings;

maincourses: Construction Techniques on Civil Work, Engineering Budget;

major achievements and honors: participated in stipulation of national technical specifications and regulations, took charge of technical design and consultations of large engineering projects.


Zhu Kai: Doctor of Engineering (Southeast University), lecturer; 

main research directions: appraisal, reinforcement and reliability assessment of buildings;

main courses: Soil Mechanics and Foundation and Test
for Building Structures;

major achievements and honors: published more than 10
theses in domestic journals; participated in such projects as the National Natural Science Funds (50378015), Youth Funds (50608017) and the project of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.




Xiao Minmin: female, Master of Engineering (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, in reading doctor of Tongji University), lecturer;

main research directions: road design, building materials for pavement;
main courses: Road Survey and Design, Pavement Engineering and Road Traffic Safety.


Wang Guolin: male, lecturer,Doctor of Engineering, national certified structural engineer, doctor of Southeast University and post doctor of Hong Kong Polytechnic University; 

main research directions: shearing performance of concrete structure and design method, modern prestressed structural system and computation theories,assessment of seismic resistance of concrete structure and repair; 

main courses: Civil Engineering Materials, test for building structuresand so on; 

major achievements and honors: sponsored innovation funds as launched by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and the international exchange project as initiated by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission,published more than 10 theses, including 5 on EI searching, 2 on SCI searching and one of the most popular 25 theses in Engineering Structures, the world renowned journal published in the 2nd quarter, 2012

Hu Xinyu: Doctor (Tongji University), lecturer, 

main research directions: structural engineering and urban metro tunnel and underground engineering work; 

main courses: Pier and Foundation, Foundations and so on; major achievements and honors: sponsored the National
Natural Science Funds, “Excellent Young Scholars” appraisal as launched by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and key laboratory of Education Department of Tongji University. In recent years, He has published
approximately 20 academic theses on domestic journals and conferences(including 3 SCI theses and 7 EI theses), and has obtained 2 patents for invention, First Prize of Science and Technology Progress as accredited by
Ministry of Education (coming to the 15th position) and Shanghai Municipal Engineering Prize.




Li Ying: female, Master of Engineering(Tongji University), lecturer;

main research direction: theories on bridge design;

main courses:Structural Mechanics, Bridge Engineering, Bridge Computation and Architectural Aesthetics


Ai Huilin: male, doctor(Tongji University), lecturer; 

main research directions: numerical wind tunnel, wind resistance of bridges, high-rise buildings and large-span structures and so on; 

main courses:Construction Organization and Budget, Fluid Mechanics and so on; 

major achievements and honors: Theories and Techniques on Wind Resistance Design of Super Large-span Bridges in Complicated Meteorological Environment and First Prize of Science and Technology as accredited by China Highway and
Transportation Society (participated).


Deng Lei: male, Master of Engineering (Hohai University); 

main research directions: engineering survey technologies and 3S technical theory and application; 

main courses: Engineering Survey, Survey Practice and Probation and Engineering Geology.